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Welcome to American Steel Structures Independent Dealer Page

The following is our 4-tier entry grid to becoming an independent dealer for American Steel Structures and gaining access to our Nationwide Coverage of Steel Building/Carport manufacturers and associated technology infrastructure. Not only have we spent years piecing together this national network spanning from Southern California to Connecticut & Florida to Washington, and more than a dozen in Texas...but more importantly, the software platforms to connect with our 35+ national vendor partners via online pricing and configuration. These software systems literally change everything, allowing you as the dealer to one moment quote a carport in Florida, and the next a barndominium shell in Nebraska or an Ag Barn in Fresno California. These systems are expensive tools however. We are charged monthly for EVERY vendor and EVERY user, for each system. In the past, we've hired many newbie sales dealers and given them free access to both systems at significant cost to us for their configurator access (not to mention lead flow generated at the corporate level given for free), only to receive zero orders and an eventual washout for too many "newbie" or "part-time" tire-kicking reps. 

So now we've developed new plans with much higher commission payouts to attract AND KEEP the "experienced" proven dealers around the country needing a much broader, nationwide access to service their customers...all without the time, headache and huge expenses of re-creating a national network on your own AND paying for the configurator systems to import all design and pricing data from across an entire national network. 

Subscription & Technology

Today we feature both the Idearoom configurator populated with 19 vendors (just toggle between), as well as the Sensei CRM & configurator, currently populated with another 16 vendors. We've set up 4 Dealer Level tiers below, allowing you the dealer to pick your access level, for one or both configurator systems to be included in a monthly subscription which covers our direct cost whether you write new business through American Steel Structures or not. Subscriptions are not a profit center for American Steel Structures, they merely cover some of our technology costs. We profit, just as you do, when you write new business and submit new orders!

Through lessons learned the hard way, we've learned that we must cover our monthly technology costs no matter what. However, our dealer subscription fees are a mere fraction of the money you can earn in this business every month with our Network, and WAY cheaper than doing it yourself with "base" prices for each software vendor well over $1000-1500/month (for each configurator)! Thats right. If you alone set up with Idearoom for their "carport dealer" platform, you'll pay well over $1000/month with just one or two suppliers. Signing up with Sensei CRM and configurator, another $1000+/month. Our program grants you access to BOTH for no more than $300/month, pre-populated with over 35 builder/installer partners nationwide! So we do ask that before you get bent over our monthly subscription fees, that you do the math of how it would cost you 3x-6x more to do this on your own for just one or two vendors in your own branded configurator(s).

We've also experienced that it's basic human nature to take for granted anything "FREE"... It just doesn't ever workout well. With you having just a little skin in the game by covering your pro-rata portion of technology expenses, lets us know that you're a serious business person committed to this business, and not just kicking tires or exploring some new "freebie" offer. We only want Dealers (new or experienced alike) who are willing to invest something in their business, are serious about this business, and are already confident that they will make FAR AND ABOVE this tiny monthly business expense proposed here. Final point for the record, it's FAR, FAR cheaper to setup up your "internet dealership" with us in this way than your monthly LOT RENT costs if you have or are contemplating having a physical lot location! Yes, we have existing "lot dealers" on board, but many of our Representatives just work from home or office as our tools make it possible to have a lucrative "internet dealer" career! Our top reps routinely take home over $10k / month, working from HOME! (We can talk about the self-discipline required for that at another time...) 



Existing Dealer Agreements

We understand most of you who are experienced in this industry will already have existing dealer sales agreements in place with one or more of your local factory builder/installer vendors. As such, if you currently represent any one (or more) of our existing 35+ vendors as well, we will within your original agreement with American Steel Structures, specifically EXEMPT those current dealerships of yours from our Agreement (exclusion provision) with you, allowing you to continue your current relationships uninterrupted, particularly when there are lot demos involved. We're not looking to take over your current business. Just help you expand it far beyond the reach of your existing dealership!  Therefore, we will however ask for exclusivity and non-compete clauses with any other factories in our network that you're not currently signed on with.

Many of our Vendors you may only use on rare occasion (if ever) where you have a customer in another state or region. We do however request that once on board with us, that you do not "go around" us to contract with or do direct business with the non-excluded members of our Network during the term of your engagement with American Steel Structures; or for one year after termination of our Agreement by either party. 


Just as if you hired sales reps to work for you in your business where you make an override profit from their sales (to pay your business overhead and make a profit), we too are a DEALER and must earn an override from our Dealer associates (in addition to our small overhead subscription) to make our business efforts worthwhile. As such, we've created another industry unique structure allowing you to choose as high as 85% commission payout, in our best efforts to remain competitive with dealer-direct contracts. We've modeled this from the Master Insurance Brokerage and Master Travel Agency industries. Another analogy would be franchising, although we don't call it that here. We provide the master umbrella network, you plug in and make far more money than you could alone and without years of hassles recreating your own national network and technology platforms (not to mention our training, marketing, other vendor networks and other services that we provide to you at no charge.

In many cases, our aggregate volume allows us to negotiate higher commission rates from the factories than you might otherwise get on your own as well. So, in some cases, as a Platinum Level Dealer at 85% payout, our higher deposit rates will "net" you more than you might garner under your own direct contract with a factory. As an example, let's say you have a 15% deposit agreement now, and keep 100%. If we have an 18% deposit agreement, even after our 15% override, you still net 15.3% net (85% of 18%). If we have a 20% deposit contract (which we have with several vendors), you net 17% still (85% of 20%)...a full 2 points higher than a 15% direct contract. It's WIN-WIN for both you and us!

NOTE: Of our 35+ vendors, many are smaller companies that we too use only occasionally for certain areas and regions often not otherwise serviced by the majors (who we're also contracted with). So, in those instances, we don't necessarily have "higher" deposit agreements than 15%. Many of those are also at the standard 15% rate, but will now be fully accessible to you without the hassle of trying to get onboarded with them directly (which is more often than not, usually difficult). With your added sales volume to those vendors and as we grow and do more business as a network, we should be able to continue to negotiate progressively higher deposit / commission rates which will of course get passed along to you as well. There are no hidden fees or back-door payments for us here. We pass through our negotiated commission rates to you just as we have contracted with each vendor!




We have one vendor in our system who we have no formal contract with. Their position when onboarding was this...

"Try us out. If we do a good job for you, please send us repeat business. If we don't, then don't send us more orders.  We want to 'earn' your business. And if we fail to do so, then don't send more orders! We want a LONG-TERM relationship with you. That's only ever earned, and no piece of paper will change that."

It was somewhat of an abrupt conversation, but in the world we operate today, I really liked their philosophy very much. Competition is fierce and only the strongest and best survive (including amongst our vendor network). American Steel Structures and its management team have a lot to offer you above and beyond just network access & technology, and most importantly we'll strive EVERYDAY to "earn your business" and earn that small subscription and small overrides we make. If we don't provide more value than we take, then we're doing something wrong!

Understand that we are DEALERS too, just like you. We understand YOUR business, YOUR issues, YOUR struggles.... We've unfortunately discovered the hard way that most "factory operators" do NOT. Most are very much out for themselves, always, even if it costs you a hard-earned customer, or worse, costs YOU money. We've fired more than one Vendor in our network for mistreating customers or our representatives. So you can rest assured moving forward, that we're always on YOUR side! We'll fight for YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS with the vendors in our network. Also immensely helpful, is having this access gives you multiple opportunities to shop FOR your customer for the best possible price! And you already know all to well, there are price wars occurring out there! One or two vendors is NEVER enough for you to stay competitive. To stay competitive, you must maintain a large access, not only regionally, but in pricing structures! We solve that problem for you with a click of a button below!

Training & Added Income

As described on our Become A Dealer page, we're also experts at earning extra commissions from complimentary side hustles (like concrete services) that we're happy to pass along to you, for FREE. We're also quite skilled at generating a large volume of leads and consider ourselves experts in both PPC advertising as well as Social Media advertising. Corporately we also operate WooSender Ai for appointment booking. You can ask us about that later! But rest assured, we NEVER lack for somebody to talk to about a new steel building or structure! Once again, we're more than willing to teach you our tricks of the trade included in your subscription! Our help desk is also standing ready to assist with anything you need, literally 16 hours a day, even by text message, evening and weekends. We're here to support you in anyway we can to help YOU be more successful because...our success is dependent on your success!

So lets get started! Here are your 4 entry options:

Dealer Entry Levels - Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum

Qualifications NONE NONE $500,000 in Gross Sales $1,000,000 in Gross Sales
Additional Qualifications NONE NONE Must have Hired, Trained and currently Manage at least ONE Team Member at the Bronze Level.  Must have Hired, Trained and currently Manage at least THREE Team Members at the Bronze or Silver levels. 
Access Facebook TEAMS Group X X X X
Access Online Training X X X X
Access Marketing Material Via
Team Leader
Access National Order Dept Via
Team Leader
Access National Financing Via
Team Leader
Access 35 Vendors Files Via
Team Leader
Access Idearoom & 19 Vendor Suppliers Only Access Via
Team Leader
Access Sensei CRM & 16 Vendor Suppliers Only Access Via
Team Leader
Access Operations Consulting Via
Team Leader
Direct Marketing Consultation From Corporate Via
Team Leader
Access Concrete Training     X X
Access Concrete Vendors     X X
Feature Wepage on Corporate     X X
Dedicated Facebook Page       X
Monthly Tech Fees Bronze
COMMISSION PAYOUT 40% 55% 65% 75%
via Email


Enroll today for your monthly technology fees to get started immediately. Once you've enrolled for your monthl subscription, we'll need a GMAIL or google enabled email to send out our Dealer Agreement, as well as to immediately share access to our comprehensive TRAINING FOLDER (30+ training videos and manuals) and our marketing and vendor folders to your Google Drive.  Call the office at 979-387-3662 or email us @ with any questions.