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We often get asked WHY any experienced steel buildings and structures sales professional would sign on with American Steel Structures, Inc. rather than going to direct with one of the dozens of Carport manufacturers out there.  So, we decided to list here at least 10 of the benefits and advantages that we offer! We wish to present to you the “value” that we offer to our network of independent sales representatives and dealer partners.

NETWORK (1). Through our own experiences, we’ve learned the hard way why its never a good idea to be “captive” to any one builder/installer in the Carport industry. Not unlike your local “State Farm” insurance agent who is “captive” to State Farm, when you are restricted in your public offerings to ONLY one company your options can become quite limited, even with the best of Companies, costing you crucial opportunities. If you’re shopping for insurance, your State Farm agent has ONE offer with ONE set of terms, and ONE price. Conversely, the local “independent” agent, can shop your policy among, 5, 10, perhaps 20 or more insurance companies to find not only the lowest competitive price, but terms perfect for your individual needs!

At American Steel Structures, we ARE the “independent agency” of the Carport industry. We represent more than 20 different carport/building manufacturers across the country (adding more every month), giving YOU the representative, the best opportunity to find not only the BEST prices on any given day, but different or unique options only available from different vendors, and sometimes most importantly, better lead times or better customer (and dealer) support! We’ve experienced situations where manufacturers who previously did a fabulous job for our customers and treated us right, changed “policy,” or increased prices & fees, or lowered commission rates, or got MONTHS behind on installations! During those times we didn’t stick around sending our future business into that dumpster fire! We took our clients business elsewhere where they could get the best value for their money. Manufacturer/Installers change prices frequently in this business. One week one vendor has the best price and great lead times, the next week they raise prices and get backed up on lead times, while their competitors simultaneously lowers prices and announces faster lead times. The flexibility we over to "shop" mutliple vendors is unparalled in the industry.

American Steel Structures large network of vendors gives YOU the opportunity to ALWAYS shop the best deal for your client, most often with 3-4 choices depending on location. Corporately, we stay on top of these changes and let you know as things happen and where to look for the best deals for your customers. We’re also continuing to add new vendors every month, adding new service areas and opportunities for you to expand your selling coverage. We can build today in more than 40 states across American, and realistically, coverage is available in 46 of 48 lower states when needed! Several fantastic vendors have just recently been added to our network with higher-than-normal negotiated commission rates too (because of our volume) for the states of Arizona and California as example! 

ACCESS (2). We have most of the BIG dealers in our network roster already when the big boys are what you need. We currently have standing dealer agreements with Eagle Carports, Coast 2 Coast Carports, Steel Buildings & Structures, American Steel Carports, Infinity Carports, American Building Network, and a dozen more smaller players. These relationships keep us on top of all current trends and offers, industry pricing trends, competitive advantages, and best practices that in turn help YOU become a trusted expert and top producing consultant for your customers. 

TECHNOLOGY (3). We stay on top of the last technology that allows you to produce and price proposals at the fastest speed possible and in the most professional manner possible. Many of us learned this business utilizing paper price flyers. Figuring the price on a simple carport wasn’t so difficult, but larger more complex structures often got complicated and generally required assistance from the home office, IF you could ever get them on the phone or to return an email. American Steel Structures embraces the latest in technology and offers complete access to, AND training for all of it to our Representatives! We have our own private label branded version of the Idearoom carport configurator, preprogrammed with price and configuration data sets from a dozen vendors! Whether your need is a 4”x4” galvanized post frame structure, a basic tubular carport, or a complex commercial building structure, our Idearoom configurator builders allows you to toggle between vendors and build just what the customer ordered fully priced and accurate.

In addition, to Idearoom, we also operate a fully licensed Sensei Configurator/Builder AND its co-bundled CRM (customer relationship management) system, allowing for permanent detailed record keeping of your prospects, clients, proposals, orders and more! Not only does Sensei offer best of breed CRM functions but creates orders in the specific manufacturers format and sends it to the customer for e-signature with the touch of a button. One more touch of a button to electronically invoice the customer for their deposit. This turnkey system allows our representatives to process and manage LARGE volumes of leads, proposals, customers and orders!

Lastly, for those vendors that have their own version of configurator software, we make direct access available to those too. Safeguard Metal Buildings and their parent Steel Buildings & Structures for example, have their own in-house configurator system now. We give you access to it as well! For just a $100/month pass-through fee, you’ll have full access to the finest CRM and Configurator Software programs on the market, direct linked (for styles and prices) to our dozens of Manufacturers around the country. We'll even teach you how to use them. They're so simple and user friendly, but will increase the productivity of our business 100 fold!

HIGH GROSS COMMISSIONS (4). Our volume allows us to negotiate BETTER and higher deposits / commission rates than most individual dealers can get. We all understand the Walmart phenomenon. Buy in high volume, get the best price. Although we aren’t “yet” large enough to command higher commission from the largest players, we already have in place at least 3 mfg commission agreements allowing 20% deposits/commissions for larger structures! We have several more at 16% or even 18%, against an industry average between 10% and 15%. As our aggregate volume grows, as will our ability to continue negotiating even better commission rates for all of us! 

TRAINING (5). Some large companies like Coast to Coast, Eagle, and Carolina Carports spent years and huge sums of money setting up thousands of carport dealers across American. Unfortunately, they seemed to have missed the mark in not providing upfront and ongoing TRAINING, hoping instead for a few orders here and there to trickle in. The whole idea was built around the concept of a “side hustle” for businesses in other fields, like a hardware store, used car lot, or nursery business selling a few carports a year on the side. We take a different approach. 

We offer the training necessary to generate a FULL-TIME income, and a potentially very lucrative income at that. This only occurs with excellent training AND ongoing support! We assist you as needed every step of the way. We have reps earning in excess of $10,000/month take-home and we want ALL our reps doing that and then some. We want you to be as successful as you can be as our financial interests are aligned! To date we’ve put together about a dozen training videos (accessible through our Google Cloud Drive account) and we are in process of developing several dozen more training video courses over the next year. But, we are always available IMMEDIATELY if you need assistance today! We stay accessible by email and phone, and we aren’t opposed to taking a cell phone or text even into the evening or weekends to help you close that big deal or get pointed in the right direction! 

RELATIONSHIP (6). We’re a family-owned business just like you, and we’ll treat you like family. Just closed a deal and need that commission advanced quickly to pay a bill, we gotcha covered. Need some time off for a family emergency? We understand and are happy to support you anyway we can. Want to spend some time at HQ and watch it all in action? You’re most certainly invited, and we might just buy you dinner while you’re here, or even accompany you for a quick trip to Galveston Beach! Over your head on a complicated build or a difficult client? We’re there to help you across the finish line. Facing stiff price competition and need a better alternative right this minute? We're on it. Just make the call or send a text! Your success is our success, and we grow together! 

ADDED REVENUE (7). FREE of charge, we’ll teach you how to earn even more in your business with complimentary “add-on” businesses! We’ve developed several “local only” oriented business models that we’ll share with you to help you increase your earnings much more. As example, here locally in Texas, we sell 100’s of concrete pads for the buildings and covers that we sell. Do we actually go out and lay rebar and pour concrete? NO!! But we have recruited a top-notch team that does and they make us tens of thousands of dollars “extra” annually, as well as increase our closing ratio by as much as 80%! We’ll show you how to do the same. 

We earn additional revenues offering several other complimentary services like Spray Foam Insulation, Gutters, Construction Materials, Pad-Prep Services, even Septic System sales! And we’ll show you how to market and profit from those services too, right into your local market, adding even more to your bottom line.

We are also one of the larger PORTABLE BUILDING & SHED dealers in the Houston market through our subsidiary Tex Shed (  We know a thing or two about selling PORTABLE structures as well, and have many great connections in the industry. Although we are unable to manage local shed sales as a nationwide business so don't offer those here, we’re more than happy to assist in setting you up with local area shed consignment sales opportunities or passing along our experiences and tricks-of-the-trade in that business too!

You will earn much more money with US utilizing the skills & techniques we’ll pass on to you for absolutely FREE! No override, no fees. Just free education to help you earn a more abundant living! We want you to be immensely successful! There are few greater joys than seeing our closest friends and associates succeed big!

MARKETING (8). Honestly if I had to pick ONE reason only to partner with American Steel Structures, THIS is it. Our founder Darrel Uselton has become one of the nations most skilled internet marketers over the past 20 years. As an early pioneer utilizing Google Adwords, Mr. Uselton successfully managed a $9 million ad budget with Google as early as the year 2006. You just don’t spend ,that kind of money without positive results on the back end! We currently have 78,674 followers on Facebook, and are also very active on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, even Tik Tok thanks to a 10 year old Genius in the family!

As you read this, or on any given day, the Company’s email and social media inboxes are brimming full of FRESH leads of customers requesting a proposal for their perfect steel building or structure! Utilizing multiple networks & venues for advertising, we almost never run out of “someone to talk to” about a carport, RV cover, garage, barn, barndominium or other metal structure.

You might not see it on your street, but the public demand for our steel structure products is TRULY off the charts! There are literally MILLIONS of people across America looking to cover that new toy, Car or RV, or house those new animals, to start their own business, or house themselves in a more cost-effective way. Demographics are shifting and the population is rising rapidly. Costs are too. Millions are moving from the cities to more rural areas and they’re looking to build barns, houses, garages, or to cover boats, trucks, expensive mowers, side by sides, RVs and more! High inflation forces everyone to seek out more economical ways to build things. We blow the doors off traditional red-iron or wood-frame construction, offering the absolute best value for the dollar! And baby…business is BOOMING!

More importantly we know how to get these folks ready to talk to you. Our website at is designed and regularly enhanced to do one thing, SELL your customer BEFORE they ever contact you. We have 100’s of PRICED examples in the “inventory” section and 1000’s of stock images in our Galleries, giving your customers the ability to “shop online” while in their underwear or whatever in the comfort of their home! When they reach YOU, they likely already know what they want, what it looks like, and its approximate cost. All you need to do is finalize the details, write up the ticket and process the order! We do much of the “selling” for you ONLINE! …and we absolutely know how to generate the leads.

More times than you’d expect, customers click the link on our homepage for the DIY (do-it-yourself) design function. They use our Idearoom configurator/builder to build out their own design and then submit it for quote. All you need to do is login to activate the prices, then send it back to the customer with YOUR dealer information! Follow up, help with modifications or changes, and close the sale. Our configurator link can even be posted to your own ads or pages to attract the Do-It-Yourselfer!

We’ll even help you set up your own private Facebook page to generate your own leads and teach you how to use Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist to keep super busy talking to customers, designing their structures, and placing orders! We can help you with sales flyers and even our 15’ Banners to hang in high traffic areas! We have a $100 customer coupon for your friends and customers to pass around to earn a 3% commission in this referral program! 

With American Steel Structures, you’ll never be “bored” waiting on a custom to drive into the lot… We send corporate generated leads to every one of our reps, but more importantly, we teach you how to generate your own too. Feed a man for a day, or teach him to fish and feed him for life! With American Steel Structures, you can be as busy as you want to be and make as much money as you’re willing to work to earn.  

FINANCING (9) – We’ve spent several years putting together the right financing sources to help you sell FAR more buildings and structures than you might otherwise close from the CASH market. Although unfortunately we haven’t found any financing companies that actually PAY us for sending them business, we have sold MILLIONS in additional structurers by making it simple and easy for our customers to obtain outside funding for their project! We have a strong relationship with RTO National for no-credit-check, rent-to-own financing on any metal structure up to $20,000. Its available in most states, and the online app is accessible right from the finance tab on our website! Processing is all electronic and the entire process is so easy.

We offer financing from the Hearth Network also from our finance tab, with a 3 minute online “soft” application, where up to 20 banks compete to lend money to your customer to in-turn buy a building or structure from you!

Additionally, there’s HFS Financial in the menu, also with a quick and easy online App right from our website! HFS has funded hundreds of our clients allowing them to acquire & install buildings or larger structures than they otherwise might have afforded. They’ll fund concrete pads, dirt prep, even swimming pool construction (no, we don’t offer that, yet – lol). We’re so grateful to have HFS in our basket of financial services. They help us sell a LOT more buildings! Even better, we don’t need to play banker and get buried in paperwork. Just send the client a link to the page on our website (or just refer them to it), and let them begin the online app right there in just minutes. No more involment is requried from you except accepting the check for your order deposit.

Fourth is our more permanent style of financing with our single program from Greensky! Greensky is a division of Goldman Sachs in New York and have virtually unlimited funds to loan. Our specific program is a 9.99% loan for 120 months term (10 years). Payments on each $10,000 are about $132/month or 0.0132 of the total amount borrowed.  We believe this program is unique to American Steel Structures within the Carport industry, and has successfully funded several of our clients, often in amounts greater than $50,000.00! Strong financing opportunities definitely enhance your ability to sell larger, commercial style buildings & barndominium shells, earning huge paychecks for YOU! 

OVERRIDES (10). Another feature that makes American Steel Structures absolutely unique in the industry was borrowed from a different industry. Our founder Darrel Uselton spent his first 20 year career in Investment Banking & Brokerage working initially for Edward Jones Investments, and later founding or buying a series of large stock brokerage firms including National Capital, First American Equities, Travis Morgan Securities and American Investment Services. As it has been for over 100 years, the brokerage business is structured with “branch offices” all operating under the umbrella of a large nationally recognized firm. Merrill Lynch (now a division of Bank of America) was based in New York and set up “branch” offices in major cities all across American and internationally, to service their customers with a local presence. Each office employed a branch manager, who’s function was to not only produce, but to hire, train and manage a “team” of other sales professionals under their leadership.

At American Steel Structures, we too encouraged you to hire, train, and manage a team of your own, where you have the potential to earn override commissions on the business of those you employ (or contract) in YOUR office or at your lot! Our commission grid system scales up based on your gross sales volume, but not just YOUR personal volume. It escalates on your “branch” (or team) volume.  Any and all earnings generated by your team push YOUR volume up allowing you to earn even more, potentially MUCH more, by replicating your skills to others and earning your override. We currently have two Reps with us now that have already hired additional team members just to help them keep up with the enormous volume of leads we generate. One of those NEW team members closed her first deal on a $30,000+ building deal in Illinois her first week, earning a gross commission deposit of just under $5000. Once you’re up and running yourself with American Steel Structures, we HIGHLY encourage you to replicate your skills by hiring, training and managing additional team members in your “branch” creating a sales team as big or small as you want. You decide on your commission split with them. Perhaps you even pay them by the hour with a small bonus on sales? Your choice how you manage your team and set up your compensation plans. We’ll provide all the tools and support you need to be successful no matter how you choose to operate your independent dealership. 

We’re proud to say that American Steel Structures is and will continue to be your BEST resource in the industry through both expertise and support for you in your new business opportunity. We can’t promise riches, but riches are definitely available to those willing to put in the work. 

We also have the detailed knowledge and experience to help you navigate the complex problems that do often arise in this business of marketing, designing, selling, and installing steel buildings and structures across 40 states within as many different environments.

When it comes to requirements like wind load certifications, snow load requirements, engineering, navigating difficult permitting, proper concrete slab installations or land prep, anchoring, site specific plans, forklift requirements and much more, we have much experience. Like Farmers Insurance, We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two! But more importantly, we have the rolodex of those who DO know even when we don’t. We have close personal relationships with some of the most experienced builders in the industry, all across the nation. Several of them with as much as 30-35 years of experience. If we don’t know, we usually know who does, and will find out! We endeavor to provide whatever assistance you need to close the deal and create another satisfied & happy customer. I'm sorry, but you won’t get this from most carport companies directly. You’ll frankly be lucky if they answer the phone at all.

Yes...we get it. Concern #1 is that you’re not going to keep 100% of the commissions like going direct with that one specific carport vendor as a dealer for them. But we’re confident in the end with our network, our resources, our negotiating power, our national coverage, our technology, our marketing, our BONUS earning side businesses, and the team building opportunities that we provide, you will in fact earn MUCH more with the power of American Steel Structures behind you!

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