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Steel Building Cannabis Grow Houses

Why You Should Use a Steel Building for Your Cannabis Grow House


As the marijuana industry expands worldwide, 32 states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana in some capacity, according to Medical Marijuana Inc. Industry experts expect that by 2025 the medical and recreational marijuana market will be valued at $25 billion in the United States and $146.4 billion globally.

Currently, 80,000 acres of hemp are growing in the U.S. across 23 states. In 2018, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) moved to increase the amount of cannabis that can be legally grown in the U.S. for research and industrial needs for 2019.

It can be difficult to compete in the growing industry, so you’ll need a high-quality building to help you run your business. From smaller  grow rooms to large-scale buildings,can accommodate any size cannabis grow operation.

One of the benefits of using a steel building from American Steel Structures for cannabis cultivation is the ability to create internally a custom floor plan to make the marijuana growing process as efficient as possible. The unobstructed interior space of American Steel Strucutres buildings can provide the space needed for your crops and growing equipment, including:

  • LED grow lights
  • Fabric pots and containers
  • Fans/Ventilation equipment
  • CO 2 systems
  • Irrigation and dehumidifying systems

American Steel Structures offers R-14 Rated, blanket-style 2" Fiberglass insulation that can help control the temperature of your grow building. This is especially important for grow houses located in areas with high humidity and warm temperatures. Insulated metal buildings are protected by a vapor barrier that reduces the amount of condensation inside of the structure.

Keeping marijuana plants pest and disease-free is a top priority for growers. Unlike American Steel Structures steel buildings, wood buildings can be destroyed by pests and will sometimes rot after getting wet. In addition to pests, powdery mildew can be detrimental to cannabis plants.  Our steel buildings require little-to-no maintenance and can be easily cleaned with soap and water; whereas fabric grow tents must be cleaned frequently to prevent mold and mildew. Additionally, steel buildings offer FAR more security for your valuable contents than other structure styles.

In addition to pests and diseases, security is a major concern for marijuana cultivators. The price of cannabis plants can vary depending on size, but larger plants can be worth thousands. Our buildings are made from commercial grade steel, making them durable enough to keep these expensive plants–as well as growing equipment–safe and secure.

If you’re interested in breaking into the booming cannabis industry, talk to a American Steel Structures building specialist to find a custom grow building that will fit your needs!





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